Housing and Benefits Advice

The Housing Pillar

Whilst serving, the Military of Defence generally does a good job of organising accommodation throughout your career, either in the camp barracks, married quarters (the patch), off-site housing or even on board a ship. 

When leaving the Services, or if you’ve already left the Services, (which may feel like a lifetime ago) housing is still the pivotal point for you and possibly your family’s key to success.

The challenge of finding a home to buy or rent can be daunting. (somewhat)  However for some ex-service personnel whom have service related injuries, disability or other problems can make the process near impossible. 

This is where the Lothians Veterans’ Centre can help, the advice and information provided by the Centre is will received with years of experience in delivering free, independent and confidential advice to all ex-service personnel and their families. We have forged strong links and partnerships between local Councils, and in particular Midlothian Council and City of Edinburgh Council, Housing associations and Veterans Scotland Housing Portal. 



What can we do? 

·                     Apply for ex-Service accommodation  

·                     Apply for mainstream housing through our Housing Associations  

·                     Get housing advice if you are about to leave the Services  

·                     Find out what your housing options are  

·                     Information on buying a home  

·                     Emergency, homeless or support accommodation 

·                     Signpost to more specialist advice agencies