Supporting ex-service personnel to a better future, by realising their potential!

STEER stands for:

Support, Training and Employability for Ex-services Recruitment.


A holistic, person-centred programme which enables each individual to make informed choices about their future at their own pace.

STEER aims:

To increase ex-service personnel's overall potential for voluntary work, employment, self-employment & sustaining employment.

STEER is funded through:

The European Social Fund, the Fairer Scotland Fund and Poppy Scotland.

STEER can help ex-service personnel in:

  • Identifying personal skills and attributes 
  • Recognising skills and experience gained from military service that may be  transferable to and desirable for civilian employment
  • Assessing and evaluating personal development needs
  • Creating a skills profile
  • Constructing a Personal Employability Plan 
  • Constructing a CV 
  • Assessing and evaluating labour market opportunities: job searching, options and skill/career matching 
  • Providing relevant workplace experience 
  • Providing references from work placement or work experience employers
  • Building confidence and self-esteem 
  • Business Start-up 
  • Finding worthwhile and rewarding voluntary work

STEER is funded by: